Night on Broadway

  • Tagging → Sebastian Smythe and Blaine Anderson
  • Location →  The Gershwin Theater, NYC
  • Time Frame → Wednesday 13th February
  • General Notes → Broadway and ‘best behavior’.

Lifting himself off of the warm couch that filled him with comfort, Sebastian has a thoughtful moment with himself before realizing that the limo was waiting outside for him in the freezing cold. It seemed that everyone was annoyed or angered with him- his mother wasn’t exactly his biggest fan as of right now and his father was just in and out, mostly. The Dior suit that clung to his every muscle fitted him perfectly, and although he wasn’t exactly sure how this whole Broadway thing would pan out for him, he was slightly sure that it wouldn’t be too bad of an evening. 

The cold wind from the outside welcomed Sebastian with a chill, almost like payback for going out the night before when he wasn’t really supposed to. With a greeting nod to the driver, the vehicle started at a steady pace through the shimmering lights of street blocks. Moments like these were what drew him into New York in the first place. Sure, Paris had amazing landscapes and some of his childhood friends, but New York was a place like no other; a feeling of uniqueness was present almost everywhere. 

He sighed. The limo had pulled over to what seemed like Blaine’s house that was cloaked under the cover of darkness. Seeing as it was still quite  freezing outside, it would mean that he had to get out and address the ice like breezes once again. 

Tugging at the jacket clad onto his body, Sebastian realized that he should have really worn some more layers-  it seemed that even the scarf wasn’t keeping him at an adequate temperature. But then again, they were going to be sitting inside for a couple of hours, hopefully in a comfortable amount of warmth. 

Stepping onto the small path that led up to the Anderson place, Sebastian pressed his finger onto the doorbell, hearing echos calmly scatter throughout the building. 

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